March 15, 2014

She picked it up and excitedly yelled “Holy shit! Here it is!”

During the Oscars, every limousine in the Los Angeles area is busy. One limo driver had a situation with his passenger last night, though, and had to call into his company to figure out what to do. The passenger was a well-known actress, her significant other, and a couple of unknown guests. The driver reported that the pickup and the ride went fine, and that the passengers appeared to be enjoying themselves. After he dropped them off, though, he had found that they had left a little something behind. It was a small plastic baggie of cocaine. The driver immediately called back to the limo company in a panic. Should they call the passenger and tell her that she left something in the car? Should he throw it away so he wouldn’t get arrested if he got pulled over or if the car got searched for some reason? Should he leave it there and pretend not to know anything? They decided he should simply hold on to the package until the end of the night and put it back on seat exactly where he had found it. The actress spotted it immediately when she got back into the car. She picked it up and excitedly yelled "Holy shit! Here it is!" She always has been rather energetic.
March 15, 2014

Fasting Bouch

This B list mostly movie actress who is only a B because of a certain franchise is about to get canned from her latest movie. Apparently she is truly awful in the movie so far and has no chemistry with the co-star and the director wants to know again why she was cast. Hint. It rhymes with Fasting Bouch. Apparently there is still a chance to save it but she needs to go now.
March 15, 2014

Private little sobs of disappointment

This Actress was one of the Oscar nominees. While she put on a brave and happy face when someone else won the Oscar for her category, she was caught crying in the bathroom later on. Nothing loud or overly dramatic. Just private little sobs of disappointment. When another woman (who appeared to know the actress) quietly tried to give her a "You shouldn’t be upset because it’s such an honor just to be nominated" pep talk, The Actress claimed that she was not upset because she lost to [Oscar Winner]. She was upset because she was afraid that it was her "one big chance" and asked "What if I’m never nominated for anything ever again?" The woman gave her a big hug and assured her that she would be. We think she’s right.
March 15, 2014

Our advice to The Actor about the faux pas? Just… let it go.

Right after this Actor stumbled over a Singer, his publicist was heard on the phone, "No, he’s not drunk! No, he’s not on drugs! No, he’s not having a stroke!" Are you sure? Anyway, a few minutes later, the publicist was trying to find out which after-parties The Singer was going to attend so that they could arrange a photo op of The Actor and The Singer together. Because photos fix everything, right? No, we don’t know if they ever got the photo. Our advice to The Actor about the faux pas? Just… let it go. Frankly, we think it is ridiculous to expect a professional actor to memorize an entire sentence. That is far too great a burden to place on any one man. Brave Actor, you are phenomenal and perfect just as you are! We here at Blonde Warship salute you!
March 15, 2014

B lister was doing coke with her mimosas

Academy Award Parties: This B list celebrity/sometime model offspring of A+ list actor parents was using coke last night at a party and was doing so in the vicinity of this A+ list celebrity who freaked out that the two could be captured in the same photo. There are reports that the B lister was also doing coke with her mimosas earlier in the day but hurried away when she was spotted.
March 15, 2014

Apparently the women all are hoping for a repeat performance

This great looking foreign born married A list mostly television actor never met a woman he wouldn't cheat on his wife with and does so multiple times each week yet has never been caught. Apparently the women all are hoping for a repeat performance so keep quiet.
March 15, 2014

You could literally smell her fear

Which celebrity who admitted that being part of The Oscars made her very nervous, got so worried that she needed a private bathroom backstage that she used over and over and over again! After she left the private bathroom, "you could literally smell her fear," one close source tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB!
March 14, 2014

The wife may be a great beauty and a talented actress, but her beauty and talent couldn’t hold this marriage together or make him faithful

The marriage of these two gorgeous celebrities is over! They will have you believe that it’s because they couldn’t make their busy schedules work and that they drifted apart. Ha! Want to know the real reason? Of course you do! It’s not her. It’s him. Yes, she is difficult, and they both have tempers, but there was a bigger issue: he is a chronic cheater. She actually thought that when they settled down that he would settle down. Nope! He kept right on cheating at pretty much the same pace that he always had! He really isn’t too selective, either: actresses, singers, models, household staff.