Our actress went away for a week and got paid as much as she would get for almost a full season of the show.

I am trying to decide if this Glee actress I am going to write about here is a madam or just a finder.

Madam sounds better in the headline.

It all started last year.

The show ended and some of the cast got work and others didn’t.

That is a flood of people hitting the streets all at once.

One of the lesser stars on the show did the yacht scene last summer and came back raving about it.

She will be going back this summer. The actress involved in this blind is bigger than the yacht scene actress.

The problem our actress has is that even though she was playing much younger, she is not all that young any longer.

She is in that in between stage of acting.

Too old to play the hot young thing, but too young to play the mom role.

Plus, she has been stuck on a non-traditional type television show for four or five years and not a sitcom.

Her best bet would be to go to Broadway but that would involve a massive pay cut.

Since the show ended she has basically not worked at all.

Last summer when her former cast mate came back, she told our actress all about it.

She basically recruited our actress.

Our actress went away for a week and got paid as much as she would get for almost a full season of the show.

The thing is though, she sees herself more of as person who would rather find the people to have sex rather than be the one having sex.

Her big selling point besides being on the show is a lot of people have seen her naked.

She made a deal with the guy she spent the week with to find women for him and his friends.

Even though our actress is not working, she was on Glee and gets invited everywhere.

She is hitting four or five events every night searching for actresses and models.

Unlike Bani, she is just looking for any attractive woman who is willing.

If they happen to be on a show or are recognizable that is a bonus.

Our actress is taking about a 20% fee, but there are whispers she is taking much more because sometimes the men pay her the fee upfront and then she pays the women after taking her cut.

It will be interesting to see if she ever acts again.

It also will be interesting to see how long it will take before she is caught because she is not very discreet.

Yacht girl: Becca Tobin
Madame: Jenna Ushkowitz

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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