Our actress got an offer to do some yachting and took it in a second

It was just supposed to be a work trip for these two co-stars of a hit network show.

Throw in the fact they sometimes date and a lovely spot out of the country and it should have been fun.

The actress in this couple is B+ list after getting her start in celebrity land in a non-acting way.

The actor in this couple is B list.

OK, maybe B+ list but not the same name recognition as the actress.

As is often the case in this relationship, if the actress has the opportunity to be with someone higher on the list she will take it.

Our actor always takes her back.


Our actor does a lot of drugs.

Our actress? She tries to pretend she doesn’t, but you put some coke in front of her and she will hoover it up.

Maybe this is why they always end up back with each other.

Anyway, on this trip, our actress got an offer to do some yachting and took it in a second.

So, now the actor has nothing to do except a couple of promotion things for the show, some of which he blew off because he has been so wasted on drugs and booze while she is off with her new male admirer.

Katharine McPhee – American Idol
Actor: Elyes Gabel

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Do you believe it?

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