Our actor wanted the chase to be as easy as possible without actually paying for it.

Our actor is nearing 80.

Hard to believe this living legend is that old.

He rarely leaves his house any longer.

For the past few years he was using escort services or meeting women online through his assistant and then having at home dates instead of going out in public.

Our actor wanted the chase to be as easy as possible without actually paying for it.

That is why he stopped with the escorts.

In the past he has hung out with the friends of his kids.

He hooked up with a couple in a memorable trip that seems like yesterday but is getting on near a decade ago.

One of those women still comes by the house sometimes and told the actor about her younger sister. The younger sister is not even old enough to drink and is a college sophomore.

Our actor was intrigued and invited her over with some other friends.

The next thing you know, this college student basically moved in with the actor.

You like to think of him as this legend who has all his faculties, but honestly, he is so far removed from that.

He is just a guy who is loving the attention and taking him back to a day where he was having sex with multiple women a day.

Meanwhile, the student has started to cut all the other women from his life.

She is ruthless in culling the competition.

She has also convinced the actor to start giving her a monthly stipend which is way more than she would make after graduating from school, so she will not be returning in the fall.

Apparently her plan is to take the actor out of the country somewhere for a few months all to herself and really put herself in a position to be the only person in his life other than his family that he talks to.

After all these years, it wouldn’t shock me at all to see the guy getting married.

Jack Nicholson

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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