Don’t worry folks, this is just the beginning of this feud.
May 9, 2016
Apparently it was as bad as the filming between Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon back in the day.
May 9, 2016

Our actor thought he was the greatest investor ever.

This actor has made well over $100M in the past decade.

That is just from acting.

His side projects earned him a great deal too.

Now, it is almost all gone.

The only reason he has any money to maintain his lifestyle is because the actress wife of our former A lister still earns quite a lot.

Our actor thought he was the greatest investor ever.

Always in front of a great new product and he did very well for awhile.

The thing is though, he got cocky.

Thought he had the golden touch. So, when someone came to him for an idea the actor thought would make him a billionaire, he sunk all of his money into it.

Not at once.

It was a two year process of just dumping more money into the project.

He even got a lot of his friends to sink money into it, promising them all really high returns.

They lost all their money too.

Our actor thought he could make up some of the lost fortune in a new tv gig, but it sucks because he sucks.

He got lucky a couple of times.

Just fell in to a great situation.

His wife is keeping him going right now, so it might be a good idea for him to start treating her much better than he has.

While he was on the set of the crap tv show, there were signs he was back to his old cheating ways.

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