One thing he always does is find a girlfriend from each show he is on.

I will go ahead and tell you right upfront that this person has never been a blind.

Hopefully that will save a lot of needless speculation.

Oh, and there will be a lot of speculation.

Our actor is foreign born.

Like what seems every other current actor he has a superhero franchise. The good news for him is that his is a movie franchise so he doesn’t have to do the random tv, almost tv crossover thing where all you do is play that character literally 12 months a year with no breaks.

Our actor has been on hit network and almost network shows.

One thing he always does is find a girlfriend from each show he is on.

Girlfriend in the sense of hey, I don’t want to have sex with you but since you have no boyfriend lets go out as friends and if paps think we are together don’t say no kind of girlfriend.

He has been lucky in landing some very high profile names this way.

No walk ons for him or models you have never heard of except on Instagram.

In the past few years there has been some turmoil.

He was involved in a relationship with a closeted former boy bander.

That boy bander though is committed to the closet, mainly because he still hasn’t decided if he prefers men or women.

He led our actor on for quite some time making him think he was going to come out and identify as gay but kept hooking up with women too and our actor had enough.

Our actor actually contemplated suicide he was so devastated at the breakup.

It took him some time to get right.

He threw himself into movies, including his franchise at a record pace and finally, on his last movie, he found not only a new guy he is head over heels with, but also a co-star who is totally wiling to be seen with him until their movie is released early next year.

Actor: Sebastian Stan
Boy bander: Harry Styles


Do you believe it?

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