Oh, I slept with him on the set of whatever movie.

Golden Globes
From AP friend of E.L.

The most interesting actress of the night award belonged to this long time B/B- list actress who has a career that has spanned three decades and was a nominee/winner last night.

Apparently, throughout the night, when someone wandered in the field of vision of our actress or was mentioned, our actress would have a personal anecdote to share.

Primarily it was about actors. “Oh, I slept with him on the set of whatever movie.” “He was great cover when my husband started sleeping with that whore of an actress and pretended he was dating her so my husband would not get caught.”

“When we had a love scene he smelled of sardines.”

“Everyone gets hard when they have a sex scene with me, except for him.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?”

The problem AP had in keeping track was our actress was faced in a different direction and there would often be multiple people in her vision so AP didn’t always know who she was referring to.

She literally had a comment about everyone it seemed.

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Do you believe it?

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