Obviously drugs in Hollywood are just a fact of life in the industry.

Obviously drugs in Hollywood are just a fact of life in the industry.

I don’t think it is as bad as when Sean Young said that at one point on a film set, there was no one who was not doing drugs.

It was accepted in the 80’s.

Now, it is a little more frowned upon.

Budgets are higher and studios have realized that actors are pretty replaceable, even A listers.

In one situation, they are a little harder to replace.

When actual acting is required. Although most movies seem to be some kind of cartoon or comic book that relies on CGI rather than acting, all of those awards that are given every winter usually have some acting in them.

This foreign born actor is A list.

He has been given a chance at box office glory and bombed.

Part of it was the script and part of it was he just didn’t care.

It was a nice big fat check and he didn’t have to do much more than just show up as part of an equally bad ensemble cast.

What makes him A list are those movies which require acting.

Where he has to focus and deliver a hardware winning performance.

He does that.

In a very big way.

The big awards have fawned over him the past few years.

When he was making his big bomb, he was not very discreet about his drug use.

He spent most of the massive amounts of downtime, in his trailer using.

Privately, despite the many flaws in the movie, producers used him as a scapegoat to the studio bosses and our actor has been passed over for big studio films.

He has not been passed over for the smaller films.

They also know of his drug use, but have been rolling the dice because they want an award.

They want his acting.

By looking at him, you would never guess that he is a heroin user.

Oh sure, he is very thin, but he hides that just like he hides everything else.

Through carefully tailored clothes and making sure he is photographed from certain angles, he can hide it.

You also never see him without being fully clothed.

No shorts and a t-shirt for our actor, Nope.

Long sleeves.

Long pants.

He also has cover in his significant other who, despite her looks, is very protective and very loyal and makes sure to keep everything hidden.

She knows much of their relationship is for publicity, but she is not going anywhere.

He treats her fairly well, except when he is desperate to use.

If you have seen them on one of their frequent long distance airplane rides, he is fine with her for the first several hours.

As that flight grows longer though, he becomes much more impatient and demanding.

It is then he lashes out at her.

She always covers for him though.

This actor is so quiet.

Never in the tabloids.

Never a peep.

At some point, this will come out and everyone will say they never suspected him.

All of you will know though.

Eddie Redmayne
Wife: Hannah Bagshawe
Jupiter Ascending

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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