Now you also know why Singer and Actress don’t speak anymore

This film from earlier this century didn’t get good reviews, but it does have a memorable name… and it did produce some good drama behind the scenes!

It starred a couple of women you definitely know.

The first is an Actress who went on to star in a TV drama for a few years.

The second is best known as a Singer who has a lot of drama in her personal life.

While they were filming that movie together, Singer was dating an Actor who did a whole bunch of films and TV series in the 1990s-2000s.

She was madly in love with him and they dated for several years. While they were filming, Actor hung out on set… and began cheating on Singer with her costar, Actress!

At first, Singer thought it was great that her costar and her boyfriend got along so well, but she eventually figured out what was really happening.

When she did, she went ballistic on both Actor and Actress and broke up with Actor.

The year after the film came out, Actor and Actress came out publicly as a couple. But now you know that their relationship originated as a little love triangle on the set.

And now you also know why Singer and Actress – who were so friendly when they worked together – don’t speak anymore.

Actress: Piper Perabo
Actor: Andrew Keegan

Singer: Leann Rimes
Movie: Coyote Ugly


Do you believe it?

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