No stories, no interviews, no nothing except usually a big fat check.

Usually this A-/B+ celebrity appears in the blind items because of her boorish behavior or because of her substance abuse issues which she always claims she has under control.


Foreign born, she has done a little bit of everything in the entertainment business. She will probably have A list name recognition for most of her life because of where she came from.

No, she is not a mole woman.

She is a violent woman though.

Her family is beyond wealthy which helps when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of her violence.

Have you ever noticed how she is in love one day and the next the guy is gone and is never heard from again.

No stories, no interviews, no nothing except usually a big fat check.

One guy got almost a million bucks from the family after only dating our celebrity for a few weeks.

She was taking some kind of bad pill and booze combination and came at the guy with a knife because he wouldn’t change the channel on the television.

Yeah. He was stone cold sober or he would have probably ended up cut worse than he was.

If she is wasted and you are asleep and she gets in one of her moods she will beat you while you are sleeping. One boyfriend had a camera that recorded her beating him with a bat while he was sleeping.

You see her walk in the room with a bat and takes two good swings before he gets up.

He got a nice settlement too.

The family is tired of paying which is why you never see the former serial relationship celebrity with anyone.

They don’t want her to be with any guy.

Settlements and non-disclosure agreements only get you out of trouble for so long.

Chloe Green


Do you believe it?

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