No, senorita, the driver doesn’t work for the studio

It’s an important day in the UK and the USA today, it’s Spring bank holiday in the home of the Gossip Life and Memorial Day in the old States, so I thought I’d share a themed blind item with you, because we’re very relevant here.

Sometimes. Now, not everybody is familiar with the concept of “memorial day” and I admit if I hadn’t worked in the States for a New York tabloid, I probably wouldn’t be aware of it either, but this foreign B list actress worked in American productions for years and still had to be explained the concept several times on a recent movie.

‘So I have a day off?’ she asked at the end of a lengthy explanation, completely befuddled.

‘But your driver brought me to the set?’

The source then had to check into it and figured out that “no, senorita, the driver doesn’t work for the studio.

He works for you and he says you told him to bring you here.”

Somebody got fired that day.

Salma Hayek
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Do you believe it?

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