No one will hire her if she transitions, but at this point, she just wants to be herself.

This B+ list mostly movie actress is only that high because of her past franchise.

There is nothing in her current body of work that gets her that high.

At this point she is straddling that fine line between indies and small budget wide screen releases.

There is nothing wrong with that.

She will continue to make way more money than 99% of all workers in the country, it just won’t be that whole $20M a film thing most people thought she would get. One thing that changes that continuing cash faucet though is transitioning from female to male.

Yep. It is on the table.

Not just on the table, but under it and around it and inside the drawers of the table.

I guess if there were drawers it would be a desk though, rather than a table.

Over the past couple of months, our actress, who is still technically closeted, has finally started to be free.

She is not only being tossed out of the closet by her current girlfriend, she is breaking down every personal wall or boundary our actress ever built.

They are tumbling down.

Our actress wants to transition.

Her girlfriend wants her to transition.

Maybe two other people support her, but then again, only a handful of people know she feels that way.

Some of the handful are her team.

The team that sees this forever cash stream suddenly getting absolutely no work at all except for very small indies or projects looking for a publicity splash that hiring her would bring.

Even at her reduced fees, our actress currently nets her agent/manager/PR team a little over $1.5M per year for not much effort.

With her transition, that number would reduce by about 90%.

The only reason it does not drop more is because of all the royalty checks.

No one will hire her if she transitions, but at this point, she just wants to be herself.

I applaud her for that.

I think all of us have wanted her to be open and have a public conversation about her sexuality.

The problem is, she never had a girlfriend who could get her to do that.

To be more open. Now is the time though.

Kristen Stewart
GF: Soko – French singer


Do you believe it?

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