No. No. And no. Just… no.

We received multiple tips over the weekend that these two famous singers were engaging in some blatant PDA while on stage!

X and Y are officially a couple!

They were sucking face during the middle of a performance!

Another wrote: It’s obvious that X and Y were kissing and are deeply in love!

When will they announce that they are a couple?

I can’t wait!

Another reader told us: X and Y were fucking on stage!!! They totally stripped down during a song and started humping each other and they didn’t even care that everyone saw them!!!

No. No. And no. Just… no.

This is simply a case of two energetic performers and friends running around on stage and bumping into each other and getting tangled up.

Then they were leaning in to hear what the other one was saying above the screaming crowd.

That does not equal sucking or humping or fucking.

Sorry, kids!

We know that you really, really want to see at least one couple emerge from this group of friends… but this couple is not it!

Liam Payne
Louis Tomlinson
One Direction


Do you believe it?

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