New Yoko Ono

The management team of this former teen singer is laughing today about the new Yoko Ono!

In order to maintain the integrity of the group, management could not openly discuss the drug problem that drove their decision to cut the singer loose.

However, they were feeling a lot of animosity from the fans who blamed management for working him too hard/not getting him help/firing him/ruining their lives (take your pick).

That’s why management is laughing about the fact that some of the blame for the breakup is suddenly being pinned… on the singer’s girlfriend!

Thanks to comments from one of the singer’s former mates, fans are now directing some of their hatred to “The New Yoko Ono”!

Management had nothing to do with the redirect.

However, they are certainly enjoying what may be the one and only day that nobody is blaming THEM for the singer’s departure!

One Direction
Zayn Malik
New Yoko: Perrie Edwards
Former Mate: Liam Payne


Do you believe it?

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