New breasts, new face. She says she got that big from her baby. How does a baby give you a facelift?

I was actually going to call this Model Mom From Hell or Mom From Hell but when I started thinking about it, I realized the whole package was from hell.

This model used to be A list.

The kind of model that walks the runway A list.

If you met her at her peak of doing Vogue and runways and being in high fashion you would have disliked her.

I’m not sure you would have hated her yet.

That came a little later.

Oh, and for sure you would hate her. I don’t even like the word hate, but every time someone tries to find or point our a redeeming quality for this person it is immediately offset by a factor of ten.

When you get to a certain age, unless you are a super model, Vogue and runways start to slip away.

Our model though had a very expensive lifestyle to maintain.

Oh, she thought at first she would just retire and live quietly with a nice guy she met.

That lasted about as long as it took for her to get pregnant and that love doesn’t keep her in private jets.

Buh bye to retired life and the quickie marriage.

I’m still waiting for a day I run into her where she doesn’t trash the guy.

This is a guy who literally traveled around the world moving from country to country and then state to state to try and stay close to his child and our model kept moving and moving until he ran out of money and had to settle down and find a job.

The money he burned through moving was the money she paid him when they split.

She vowed to make him be broke.

She did it and when he finally did run out of money she called him a deadbeat dad and made up as many stories about him as she could to those around her.

None were true.

None were ever talked about in court filings.

These were simply lies she told to make herself feel better and to make him look like crap in the eyes of those close to her and her child.

The child believes he is the devil at this point.

For years our model trashed models who didn’t walk runways or do Vogue.

If you did bikinis or lingerie you were trash.

She wasn’t shy about telling you.

Behind your back or in your face she would call other models trash or worse.

Then, someone told her how much they made.

She wanted a piece of that.

So, she thought she would get rich quick.

The problem was she was not the right body type.

Hmm, how to fix that?

New breasts, new face.

She says she got that big from her baby.

Umm, there was like a three year gap between the baby and her massive cup size increase.

And how does a baby give you a facelift?

Now she was ready.

She got the jobs.

It didn’t stop her from trashing the people still.

She ticked off every model she ever ran into.

Told them they were worthless and that it was because she was high fashion she got the gigs.

No, it was because she was also willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead.


Let me tell you about the time she met a long time boyfriend.

He was probably A list at the time.

He had a girlfriend.

Our model met him at a party with the girlfriend.

Our model spiked her drink.

She passed out and our model fucked the A lister.

She then told the girlfriend she would kill her unless the girlfriend never came back.

It took many years for the A lister to manage to escape her.

Did I tell you about the forced diets she made her child endure?

Friends had to come from an approved list of families that our model wanted to know.

One of those connections did get the model a year long television gig.

A good television gig.

She was so hated that filming of the reality show was sped up so no one would have to spend time with her for longer than necessary.

If you find someone who has something nice to say about her, please let me know.

Carolyn Murphy
Ex-husband: Jack Schroeder (1999 – 2002)
Boyfriend/his girlfriend: Brandon Boyd / Jessica Miller
CAROLYN MURPHY has been branded a “snobby little bitch” by her ex-husband


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