Neither of the other players believed Khloe’s story

Khloe Kardashian has revealed she once caught an ex boyfriend in the middle of a THREESOME.

The reality TV star relived the awkward story during a game of True or False with her hair stylish Jen Atkin and makeup artist Hrush Achemyan.

Each of the three women had to pick a card in turn, each one marked with a subject – and then they had to tell a story related to that before the other two guessed if it was real or a lie. After drawing a card that read “Bedroom”, Khloe went all out as she told them about an unfaithful ex boyfriend who she caught in the act.

She said: “One time I walked in on my current boyfriend at the time, he was having not just sex, a threesome, with two girls that he met at the mall earlier that day.”

Neither of the other players believed Khloe’s story, but shockingly she insisted it was completely true – although she didn’t reveal the identity of the former flame.

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