It is why she was out of town last week in that spot where you can easily finalize arrangements.
May 15, 2016
A couple of hours in bed and she gets a gig that pays 20 times the gig she bailed on pays
May 15, 2016

Movie actor is attacking an important political figure

This handsome movie actor is attacking an important political figure.

In an interesting twist, we hear that the timing actually has a dual purpose!

It’s hardly a secret that he hates [Presidential Candidate], but if you’re wondering why his attack comes at this particular time, it’s actually strategic.

He’s had four or five [box office] bombs in a row, he knows that this one going to bomb too, and he needs something or someone to blame.

Who better to blame than an entire group of people he hates?

So it sounds like he is preparing to blame the fans if they actively boycott (or just don’t go see) his movie.

We don’t know if this logic holds up… but it could make for an interesting distraction from the movie’s critical reviews!

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