Most people who work for her don’t last longer than three months.

This actress was A list for a brief point in time.

A+ list for an even shorter amount of time.

It was also two decades ago.

Our actress though considers herself A+ list and that every person who works for her his beneath her.

She is not shy about it at all.

Most people who work for her don’t last longer than three months.

The only thing that even keeps them around that long is because she travels so much so she is not around on a daily basis to belittle them. Maids, always from another country.

Our actress doesn’t care so much which country, but she likes them to be in the country illegally so she can work them a million hours a week, give them no time off and threaten to call immigration and have them deported if they complain.

They have their own room in her house, but the door is never allowed to be closed.

Our actress will walk in at any time and her children too.

Our actress does not cook.


Not even making coffee.

If our actress wants something to eat in the middle of the night, the maid has to make it.

God forbid if she does not have the ingredients to make what the actress wants.

Screaming and yelling and just being verbally abusive is her trademark.

She sucks up to the rich and famous while treating employees like crap.

Why do you think none of her marriages lasted?

Unless you can do something for her, she will treat you awful.

I could write a book about the way she treats her assistants.

Former assistants.

I’m not sure she has been able to convince anyone to be her assistant in a long time.

Everyone knows to stay away from her.

Sharon Stone


Do you believe it?

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