More air time, more lines, bigger salary.

Solved – Partially

You would think that these actors would be upset about recent controversial events on the set of their TV show.

Not really!

Perhaps this is just a case of great minds thinking alike, but one actor AND one actress are already planning to take advantage of the departure of one of their cast mates!

[Actor] thinks that this means that his role is going to get bigger.

More air time, more lines, bigger salary.

[Actress] is going to go directly to producers to make the case that a woman needs to get bumped up to a bigger role and that it should be her.

Actor: TBD
Actress: Paget Brewster
Departing Cast Matee: Thomas Gibson

In the wake of the departure of actor Thomas Gibson, actress Paget Brewster is returning to Criminal Minds… and will be bumped up to a regular role!

Brewster has been on and off the show for a few years. Now she’s got a regular gig, and it’s definitely a promotion. Good for you, Paget!

Good thing they brought her back, too, because there are 13 serial killers on the loose! Go get ’em, Emily Prentiss!



Do you believe it?

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