Maybe things will be different this time.

This poor tormented songstress has been through a series of bad relationships since she first landed in the spotlight and it looks like just a matter of time before her latest ill-fated dalliance hits the headlines.

Neighbors tell BOSSIP the soulful singer has had a certain rapper pay her several late night visits in recent weeks. The two have collaborated in song, but so far they’re shying away from taking the relationship public, even though her neighbors say his car is outside her house at least three times a week and they’ve been spotted locking lips on her door step on occasion.

A source close to both confirmed to BOSSIP that they’re definitely getting it in but keeping it low.

“They go on dates in the valley not to be seen.”

Meanwhile she’s been telling pals, “He’s such an amazing friend.”

Wonder if the baby mama who nixed nuptials with our mystery emcee would say the same, considering police had to be called when his fists allegedly collided with her face?

Anyway, maybe things will be different this time.

Especially since this pair has so much in common — including numerous run-ins with the law and a shared love of tattoos.

Keyshia Cole
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