Maybe he shouldn’t be so trusting.

This talented movie actor was born overseas.

He’s a bit of a Lothario, and has multiple children with multiple women.

He thinks that his new girlfriend is the one who breaks the mold.

She’s nice, pretty, and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

When they first met, he was very concerned about birth control.

He used a condom, and she was on the pill.

As they got closer, he began to trust her more, and now they are just relying on the pill to prevent her from getting pregnant.

Maybe he shouldn’t be so trusting.

She’s got a little secret.

She told friends that she isn’t taking the pill regularly anymore.

She claims that they give her headaches.

Should be interesting to see which comes first: An engagement or a pregnancy!

Jude Law (has 5 kids with 3 difference women)
Dating: Phillipa Coan (psychologist)


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