Long Read: It was like a giant ponzi scheme. This is the movie that Hollywood needs to make.

Want to know the most corrupt studio? It doesn't really exist any longer. It sure made a lot of money for the people who ran it though. It was like a giant ponzi scheme. The owners siphoned all the money; took money from investors; and even raided a bank to the tune of $100M before stashing it all overseas and declaring bankruptcy. Where did all the money go?

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The Studio

Want to know the most corrupt studio?

It doesn’t really exist any longer.

It sure made a lot of money for the people who ran it though.

It was like a giant ponzi scheme.

The owners siphoned all the money; took money from investors; and even raided a bank to the tune of $100M before stashing it all overseas and declaring bankruptcy.

Where did all the money go? Good question.

A lot of it remains in offshore accounts.

A bunch of other money though was spent on drugs and women and men and parties.

This is the movie that Hollywood needs to make.

Honestly, it involves many of the sexual predators that have been named over the past few weeks.

Some of the owners of this place turned against each other and publicly said the same things years ago that are only now getting those same predators in trouble.

No one cared before.

Now they do.

Lets go through some of the players shall we?

A list public figure.

John Oliver is a huge fan of this guy.

Infamous wife. – In a previous blind, I wrote about how he met his wife.

This was after he spent a few years at the studio passing out business cards to every blonde in town.

Only blondes.

Brunettes who knew about this would wear a wig because he was paying $10K for a night and would bring party favors.

You needed those party favors to put out of your head who you were sleeping with.

A cruel, cruel guy in bed.

Those nights when he brought in a second woman were apparently the worst.

Just a twisted f**k/.

He is also the one who made it possible for everyone to flee with more money.

Flee is a strong word.

Get away with.

Screw other people with by taking the money would be a good phrase too.

A list director who so far has escape this round of scandal.

He had big budgets and was allowed to do what he wanted with them.

The studio covered all those payments to parents of minors who complained about him sexually assaulting their teen boys.

The investors thought their money was going to movies, not to sexual assault payoffs.

Another A list director.

He was responsible for finding women for all the studio bosses.

All of those casting calls and the executives would just happen to stop by where he would talk them up.

Then, the executives would stand around watching and so many of those actresses would find the time to walk up to the executives and they just took their pick.

The problem with this A list director is that he was stealing from the studio which later caused the executives to turn on the director.

This Academy Award winning actor was a partner in the studio.

He just used it as another avenue to find young boys.

The thing is, he and the director who also liked young boys didn’t always get along.

Our director liked them young, but despite the payoffs always insisted everything was consensual.

The actor liked things when they were not consensual.

Just an evil guy.

A list public figure.

Foreign born. He specialized in throwing even more money around.

He had the most of the bunch.

He also had connections within an organization that not only helped launder money but also provided women as needed who were not actresses.

There were some investors who enjoyed things more rough and if something happened to one of these women, they were shipped to some far corner of the world, deep underground.

Studio: Relativity Media

A list public figure – infamous wife: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin – Louise Linton

A list director: Bryan Singer

Another A list director: Brett Ratner

Academy Award winning actor: Kevin Spacey

Foreign born A list public figure: James Packer

Organization: Scientology

Relativity Co-Chairman Steven Mnuchin Quietly Exited Just Before Big Losses (EXCLUSIVE)

Steven Mnuchin came to Los Angeles with a certain New York sheen. The son of a prominent New York banker and arts patron, Mnuchin spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs building a fortune reportedly worth $46 million, before forming his own firm, Dune Capital, that would bring him even more luster. By the mid-2000s, Dune was providing financing for batches of winning movies, like the “X-Men” franchise and “Avatar,” Hollywood’s all-time box-office champion.

So when Mnuchin and Relativity Media announced last October that they had formed a new bond – the one-time Wall Street star investing in the Beverly Hills studio and joining founder Ryan Kavanaugh as co-chairman of the company’s board – it appeared to be a breakthrough moment for all concerned. Mnuchin deemed himself “thrilled” at the prospect of working with Kavanaugh and his team “as they continue to build a global media company that is redefining what it means to be a content creator in the 21st century.”

With Relativity’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing last week, those high hopes have been dashed, and Mnuchin has been left in a particularly uncomfortable position. The money-man and fellow investors in a Dune Capital fund are said to have lost as much as $80 million — equity that is almost certain to be lost for good, said two sources familiar with the situation.

And disgruntled Relativity investors privately are questioning how a bank Mnuchin once headed –OneWest Bank of Pasadena – was allowed by Relativity to drain $50 million from the studio just weeks prior to the July 30 insolvency filing. – Source


Relativity Media LLC (aka GH One, Inc.) is an American media company headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, founded in 2004 by Lynwood Spinks and Ryan Kavanaugh. The studio was the third largest mini-major globally until bankruptcy on July 30, 2015.

Its full-scale film studio acquires, develops, produces and distributes films. The company’s partners and financial institutions have invested $20 billion as of 2012 in entertainment investments with partners such as Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and others. Relativity Media also works in fashion, sports, digital and music.

On July 30, 2015, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York after lawsuits and missing loan payments.In March 2016, the company emerged from the bankruptcy. – Source

Ryan Kavanaugh Attacks Brett Ratner in Deleted Twitter Tirade

“There is no one to bust me. So yes I say it as it is. Period,” the Relativity Media executive tweeted.

Ryan Kavanaugh had some choice words for Brett Ratner on Friday night in a Twitter rant that he later purged.

The Relativity Media CEO attacked Ratner on Twitter, calling him a “sleaze” and “the epitome of casting couch” in a series of tweets aimed at his 16,000 followers and some specifically sent to the filmmaker and RatPac Entertainment executive. Kavanaugh’s tweets below have now been deleted.

“He’s arguably the biggest sleeze anyone in Hollywood or a wannabe actress has met,” read one of Kavanaugh’s tweets. “Should be a commercial beware of fatman.” Later, he posted an image of Ratner’s IMDb page with the comment, “What part of this says he has any taste.” The director’s credits include Tower Heist, Rush Hour 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Some tweets also were directed at Relativity president Dana Brunetti, who responded to Kavanaugh saying that Ratner “has the gall to roll his eyes at the mention of our names. He’s a slimeball.”

After filing one of Hollywood’s biggest-ever bankruptcies last July, the Kavanaugh-led Relativity won approval to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March.

Ratner is a partner with James Packer at RatPac, which has a major financing deal at Warner Bros. Earlier this year, the director was part of a group who objected to how Kavanaugh planned to reorganize Relativity and take the studio out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. An exec producer on MTV’s documentary Catfish, Ratner also argued that he was pushed out of the subsequent series produced by Relativity Television and that he was owed a stake in the profits. Read more

Trigger Street Productions is an American entertainment production company formed by Kevin Spacey in 1997 and further developed by his business partner Dana Brunetti. The company’s credits include Captain Phillips, Shakespeare High, Safe, The Social Network, 21, Shrink, Fanboys, the Emmy-nominated Bernard and Doris, Emmy-winning Recount, Mini’s First Time, Beyond the Sea, The United States of Leland, The Big Kahuna and House of Cards, as well as stage productions of The Iceman Cometh and Cobb.

In January 2016 it was announced that Relativity Media, which was just emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, had acquired Trigger Street Productions and that Spacey would become chairman of Relativity Studios whilst Brunetti would become the studio’s president. Spacey called the move “an incredible opportunity to make great entertainment” and said he considered it the “next evolution in my career.”, and Brunetti said, “Being a disruptor at heart, I look forward to the opportunities that being inside a studio system will present.” – Source