Later, I saw him kissing her.

From JV friend of E.L.

“I really wanted to meet ________(Foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who was a nominee/winner last night).

I had been looking forward to it.

I’m a huge fan.

Finally got to see him about three quarters of the way through the show.

Went up to him and introduced myself.

His actress girlfriend was at the next table talking to someone.

It was obvious he didn’t know me or my show but he pretended he did which was cool. I thought he was being charming and friendly.

Then he asked what I was doing after the show because his girlfriend hated these kinds of things and wanted to go home and did I have a place we could go to after.

He did it all with a smile on his face and his girlfriend close enough that if I got up and stretched I could probably touch her.

Later, I saw him kissing her.

A short time after that she was gone to the bathroom or something because I couldn’t see her and he had his arm around this actress from that new cable show that did really well.

I saw them later and it was pretty obvious she must have had a place for them to go to later.”

Michael Fassbender
GF: Alicia Vikander
Actress/new cable show: Carly Chaikin or Portia Doubleday “Mr. Robot”


Do you believe it?

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