Just slur after slur about her weight, and screaming that he “hates fat people”.

This B+ list mostly movie actor who also does some singing has a lifetime ban from a certain airline.

Our actor has actually only taken four flights on this particular airline, but three of the four were disasters.

Our actor likes to drink when he flies, and obviously overdoes it.

One of the incidents he started harassing a flight attendant, but the major incident that resulted in the ban was him harassing fellow passengers. He was sitting next to a woman, he had been heavily drinking, and for no reason he started berating her calling her (this a direct quote from the incident report) “A disgusting, fat pig” and “bitch”.

He didn’t just say this quietly, he screamed it, which caused other passengers to tell him to stop.

He started attacking the other passengers, verbally assaulting them as well, and physically grabbing one.

But it was the original woman who got the most of the heat.

Just slur after slur about her weight, and screaming that he “hates fat people”.

Long story short, one of the pilots had to get involved, and radioed ahead to security.

When the plane arrived at the gate the airport security and police were waiting for him when he arrived and he was detained, but not arrested.

That’s as far as the report goes, as after the plane lands the airport police take it from there and have to file their own incident report, which is not included in the system.

But he was threatening violence, and just completely out of control.

The other prior incidents were VERY similar, though not as bad as the final one, which is what got him permanently banned from the airline.

The two other flights were very short flights, so it’s pretty amazing he even had time to get out of control on them.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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