It was supposed to be a family show. Lots of teens around.

Over the past few years bits and pieces of this story would trickle in.

After first hearing about this story I made it a point to always ask about it if I ran into someone who worked on the show.

The thing is, the show had a lot of workers on it but the number who knew anything or even today know all of the details is probably less than a handful.

I know enough of the details to piece together what happened. The show was on a couple of decades ago. Long running.

Enough of a hit to stay on the air, but not enough where you are probably going to binge watch it or be sad that it is gone.

It was something to do if it was on.

It was fortunate to benefit from stronger shows around it when networks didn’t move things very often once locked in place.

It had some decent listed television stars on it.

For the two leads it was all about career comebacks and second chances.

They made the most of it. It was supposed to be a family show. Lots of teens around.

One of the female lead teens was in her mid-teens when the show began.

There was always a lot of inappropriate touching and groping and comments on the set of the show.

These female teens were harassed. It was common then. No TMZ back then.

Everything was locked down on the studio sets. Definitely a guy’s town.

So, it was in the third season of filming. Around the fifth or sixth episode.

The female teen lead who was close to turning 18, but not quite there yet, went to one of the producers and said she was pregnant.

OK, so a teen pregnancy.

It never would have been written into the show back then, but she was probably not going to start showing until the season was almost completed so they could always have her go to summer camp or something and cut her out of the final month of shooting and no one would be the wiser.

One little problem with all of that. It turns out that the father of the baby was the husband of one of the stars of the show.

When our teen actress informed the producer of this fact, it added a whole new dimension.

The producer immediately called the star who rushed over from her trailer and then accused the teen of being a whore and a homewrecker and that if the teen ever told anyone what happened that the teen would be sued and she would never work in the town again and just went on the biggest foul mouthed rant against the teen who was crying and shaking.

At some point during the conversation the teen said she was planning on keeping the baby.

That was the wrong thing to say.

The actress then started accusing the teen of being a gold digger and that there was no way the teen was keeping the baby and there was no way the teen was even going to be able to give birth to the baby.

The actress said the teen was going to get the pregnancy terminated and within an hour had two of her people show up and the actress, her people and the teen got into a car.

The teen was driven to a doctor and had the abortion performed a short time later.

The actress gave the teen some money and told her to make her own way back home.

I love how this actress talks about how how close everyone on the show was and how everyone got along.

It makes me sick. I have never said one nice thing about her on this site for a reason.

I do my best to never even mention her.

Angela Watson
Show: Step By Step
Female star: Suzanne Somers – her husband Alan Hamel


Do you believe it?

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