It was drugs and it was an overdose.

When this celebrity spawn last went to the hospital, her family quickly came up with a phony surgery excuse, followed by a trip to rehab for “emotional reasons.”

All designed to gain your sympathy.

All fake.

It was drugs and it was an overdose.

The kid continues to make a lot of bad choices.

Instead of focusing on her modeling career, she is back to “partying” as usual.

Sniff, sniff, Little Spawn!

In fact, she is so out of control that we anticipate another “medical emergency” in her future.

We’re not sure if that medical emergency will come from the drugs or from her dealer’s collectors.

You see, she’s not very good about paying her dealer in a timely fashion, and those dudes can be bruisingly convincing about getting paid.

Ireland Baldwin
Parents: Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin


Do you believe it?

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