It was devastating. I went home and almost burst into tears.

J.J. Abrams – Writer Director, and Producer of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens – was recently a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Abrams told an interesting story about how the trauma he experienced on the set of an old TV show almost kept him from working on Star Wars. “I was afraid to do it, mostly because I cared about it so much.”

His fear stems from an experience he had visiting the set of a hit family sitcom.

Abrams’s father – a prolific film and TV producer – had previously worked with the young actress who starred on the sitcom.

She extended an invitation to young J.J. to come to the set.

However, his initial excitement at being the guest of a hot young actress on a hit TV show was quickly tempered by the reality.

“I go the set and she’s in her trailer just getting stoned the whole time.

The oldest boy on the show is passed out on his set bed from being up all night and drunk.

The little kid on the show is skateboarding around, and all the crew members are cursing his name.

The mother and father on the show never spoke.

They hated each other.

It was devastating. I went home and almost burst into tears.

I was so traumatized!

I was afraid if I did Star Wars and got close to it, it would be a horror show and it would be a nightmare.

Thank G-d it was the absolute opposite.”

Show: Cutter To Houston
Actress: Shelley Hack
Oldest Boy: Jim Metzler
Little Kid: Chad Allen


Do you believe it?

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