It was basically a rant sent out one text at a time.

Usually when a couple of artists get together and make some magic and that magic turns out to be a hit, then everyone is the greatest of friends.


When this one named singer agreed to do something with a barely known duo she negotiated herself quite the deal. The duo just assumed they would have the same deal they had with everyone else they worked with.


When the project they worked on turned out to be a massive hit, the now A list duo went looking for their money only to find out it was going to be a fraction of what they were expecting.

They accused the singer of being greedy and she said they were the ones to agree to the deal.

One of our duo literally spent 24 straight hours texting the singer and I’m not sure there was a nice text in that 24 hour time period.

There were certainly some words said which I have never uttered, but he did.

It was basically a rant sent out one text at a time.

He even publicly trashed her which was basically the end of any kind of relationship.

This guy from the duo is known to be a jerk to just about anyone he meets.

Fans, executives, promoters.

They are all waiting for him to fall and are not going to help him up.

Dated Andrew Taggart
The Chainsmokers
Song Closer


Do you believe it?

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