It turns out that the 14 year old was a runaway and her parents had no idea where she had gone.

Old times

This celebrity at her peak was A+ list.

Not for who she was, but for who she married.

Her life has been one big lucky charm.

Her entire life would have been changed if a couple of things had not happened.

Over the weekend I saw a dear dear friend.

She is 90 now, but is still a lot of fun to talk to, especially when she talks gossip.

Back in the day she was married to the head of a studio. No one who would look at her would know that she was once considered one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.

Back in the days of screen tests she is the one who would tell her husband who to give one to and who to ignore.

Anyway, somehow we got to talking about this A+ lister who is dead and has been for decades and is still an A+ lister.

My friend said that for one of his movies, the A+ lister wanted to do the casting.

He had been with very few women for about a year and wanted to make up for lost time.

The studio was happy to have him making a movie so obliged.

They brought in about 10 A & B list actresses who they thought would be good.

Our A+ lister said they were fine and he didn’t care about casting for the co-star, he wanted to be part of the casting for the high school girls who were going to be in the movie.

When the studio brought in 20 for him to see in a group casting he about lost his mind and would disappear every 30 minutes or so to take care of his needs on his own.

He was sweating the whole time and fidgeting and wanted one on one interviews with each teen.

The studio told him ok and he took each teen to a room where he would talk to them for a couple of minutes.

Some though took much longer.

Some interviews would take 15-20 minutes or even longer.

Those are the ones who got cast in the movie.

In the movie there are about 30 high school girls and our A+ lister had sex with each one of them. The oldest was probably 16.

Yeah, he liked them young our A+ lister.

So, lets get back to the subject of the blind who got lucky.

Well, she thought she was the girlfriend of the A+ lister but one of the high school girls who was 14 at the time ended up living with our A+ lister during the filming and for several months after.

They were a definite thing. For three months they were together 24/7.

Then the movie was released.

It turns out that the 14 year old was a runaway and her parents had no idea where she had gone.

Then they saw the movie and saw their daughter.

They called the police in their town who called the studio who knew exactly where the 14 year old was.

Some other calls were made and money was exchanged and the 14 year old was sent to live with her parents and our A+ lister was told to be more careful and to try and keep all of his girlfriends 16 and above.

So, the 14 year old went back to her parents and would not let her speak to the A+ lister and turned him away when he flew once to see the teen.

When the parents threatened to call the police he backed off.

He went back to LA and picked up the phone and called another teen to come join him in LA. A teen he had not spoken to in the previous three months.

She flew to LA and the rest is history.

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