It took him years just to get a meet and greet, let alone work

The set up on this one must have taken months.

It is only now that the true story of all of this is coming out.

Apparently it is coming out from one of the people who most had their life affected.

They wanted to know the real story.

This is what they have discovered so far.

TT was in a relationship.

Kind of.

The world thought it was heterosexual and there were times when she really wanted to be in a relationship with CD. TT is an actress. B+ probably at this point, but back when this all happened she was A/A- list. Mostly movies.

CD was at about the same level.

CD hooked up with lots and lots of women but he was always there for TT.


He would have been in a long term forever relationship with her but TT just could not see herself in a heterosexual relationship forever.

The thing is, CD was growing tired of the back and forth/wavering of TT and wanted to either move on with her or move on with someone else.

TT made the decision that she wanted to move on from CD romantically but also wanted to make sure the world left her alone about her sexuality.

She wanted to the world convinced she was straight.

Not everyone bought her relationship with CD because no one really ever saw the pair together romantically.

She wanted the world to see her as straight and if some feelings were hurt in the process, then so be it.

It was her life.

So, she did what she thought was best.

She seduced someone who was married that she was working with and when the time was right called in a pap who busted her with the co-worker in a very compromising, leave no doubt the two were together kind of way.

CD had no idea TT was going to do such a thing and decided TT was not the person he thought she was.

The person he knew would never do such a thing and it caused a rift in their friendship that has not been repaired.

For TT’s part, she missed CD, but she had her life now.

People would just think she was laying low because of the fallout and would not expect her to be out and about dating, but would be keeping a low profile.

That is exactly what she did, but with a series of female relationships. As for her co-worker?

He lost everything.

It took him years just to get a meet and greet, let alone work while TT just kept right on working.

TT: Kristen Stewart
CD: Robert Pattinson
She seduced: Rupert Sanders


Do you believe it?

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