It must be hard keeping up with someone so classy!

This man has millions of followers on social media, but he is as well-known for his relationship with a female reality star as for any of his own accomplishments.

Don’t ever remind him of that reality, though… or he may go off on you!

He recently posted a selfie on social media of himself indulging in something that would definitely be considered a luxury.

A follower asked him if this luxury was being funded by a certain female.

Uh oh.

This is the reply he received:

I don’t need a sugar mommy Boy.

I make lots and lots of my own money.

That’s what happens when you work hard.

You will never know that.

Life of a hater.

What else do I get…

Makes lots and lots of money and lots and lots of businesses.

Something you will never get or have.

So instead of hating you mother fucking lowlife trash bag go fucking try and make it which you obviously won’t.

Get a life loser.

Ps this message was written while I was taking a shit. That’s how zero [you are].

Literally shit time.

It must be hard keeping up with someone so classy!

Jonathan Cheban
Female Celebrity: Kim Kardashian


Do you believe it?

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