Is this foreign born A list mostly television actor a thief?

Is this foreign born A list mostly television actor a thief?

If you had asked people a year ago, they would have said probably.

Ask those same people now and they would say yes.

He is actually referred to as The Thief, in caps just like that.

The people involved got tired of saying things like the person who robbed my house or stole something out of my trailer.

So, now the person doing the stealing is known as The Thief.

Our actor was on a long running network show. There are some who say that when one of his co-stars who is now on another hit network show had nude photos and a bracelet stolen from her home she quit because she identified the actor as the thief but no one did anything.

She didn’t have any video evidence or security camera footage but she says that he is one of the few people who knew she had an entire photo album of nude photos.

She thinks the bracelet was grabbed to make the burglary more random.

The first thing stolen was from a trailer on the set of the show.

It was a dinosaur skull that a producer liked to keep in the trailer of all his shows for good luck.

To date, it was the only thing stolen from a set.

Everything else was stolen from a home of someone who worked on the show.

There were six different burglaries during the run of the show.

When the show ended, so did the burglaries.

Everyone kind of forgot about them.

Then, our actor got a new show and in the short time the show has been filming there has already been a burglary.

The common denominator in all of this is the actor.

The items taken have all been very personal to the owner who had them stolen.

They all had value, but were personally important to the victim.

Even though people are now convinced it is the actor, no one has confronted him or named him as a suspect.

Several of the thefts were reported to the police, but the police didn’t really pursue it all that seriously.

Now that another theft has occurred though, and a more defined pattern, that could all change.

The Thief: Dominic Monaghan – Lost
Actress: Emilie de Ravin – Once Upon A Time
New show: Quantum Break


Do you believe it?

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