Is she your Mommy? No? Then stop letting her ‘Mommy’ you!

This actress is young and pretty and has a ton of film projects lined up.

She would be pretty happy right now… if it wasn’t for the chronic interference of a certain older actress!

Our younger actress is blanching under the control-freak behavior of the older.

You see, she is dating the older actress’ ex, and the older actress just can’t seem to let go of controlling him.

A couple of weeks ago, the older actress texted her ex about what he was wearing to some event. She then told him what she thought he should be wearing. Uh oh.

It may sound like a minor thing, but the first actress simply lost it!

She exclaimed “Oh, for fuck’s sake!”, grabbed his cell phone, and threw the phone halfway across the room (where it hit the padded headboard and bounced unharmed onto the bed).

She then yelled at her boyfriend and asked him, “Is she your Mommy? No? Then stop letting her ‘Mommy’ you!”

Jennifer Lawrence
Boyfriend: Chris Martin
Ex, Older Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow


Do you believe it?

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