In the world of fake there is fake and then there is Orange who is a step above all of that.

Every time I pose a photo of her all I ever think of is a time I saw her at a park.

That 30 minutes perfectly sums her up.

She was with her baby and Jessica Alba was sitting next to her.

Jessica was about to leave and the subject of our blind who we can call Orange for our purposes kept hugging Jessica and telling her how much she loved Jessica and she would text her later. It was a non-stop hug and hush fest.

Meanwhile, Jessica was busy trying to prepare her husband and kids for the pap walk to the car which was the sole purpose she had come to the park and kept saying uh huh to Orange.

After Jessica left, Orange called her husband and yelled at him to hurry because the paps were not going to stick around long.

She did it from the bathroom but everyone heard her.

So, the guy gets there.

The entire time she was waiting she was in the bathroom.

He gets to the park and has a blanket and a book.

The couple then take the blanket, book and baby to a grassy part of the park.

They lie on the blanket for five minutes pretending to read the book to the kid and to make them seem like the perfect family for  the paps.

After the five minutes they gather everything up and leave the park.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Fast forward a couple of months later.

I see her randomly with Jennifer Meyer and they are saying goodbyes and Orange is telling Jennifer how much she loves her and won’t stop hugging and I am thinking to myself, “Is this normal for her or did I just happen to stumble upon her two best friends?”

It literally went on for several minutes as Jennifer tried to peel herself away without seeming like a bitch.

Jennifer might make some really over priced jewelry but she is really nice and was even more nice that day.

In the world of fake there is fake and then there is Orange who is a step above all of that.

She goes above and beyond to kiss up and to stay in front of any camera she can find.

Actress: Jaime King


Do you believe it?

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