In 1992, Charles needed to not be seen with Camilla.

It was a turbulent time.

In a time of tabloids, but not internet, and certainly not social media, the royal family was being knocked around by all kinds of cheating between Prince Charles and Camilla while Diana was hooking up with James Hewitt.

In 1992, Charles needed to not be seen with Camilla.

There just had been audio recordings released between the couple and things needed to cool down. This does not mean that Charles was cooling down on women though.

Never as front and center as his brother Andrew was about women of the hour, Charles still liked them and was referred to someone who was considered very unique.

She is an actress now.

Foreign born.

Always very mysterious about her past in interviews, this time in her life is even more murky.

She was working as an actress.


She had some tiny roles and in this time period had just landed what would be her biggest role to that point.

Although she was on television, the role paid almost no money.

So, she socialized with some men who enjoyed her company and were willing to pay for it.

At the time what she charged was not a tiny amount.

It was large even by today’s standards.

Every person said she was worth it though.

Charles had heard of her and even watched an episode of her show and it was arranged they would meet at a cocktail party.

Just two people introducing themselves to each other.

Charles needed discretion and our actress wanted the access and the money and something steady.

The pair hit it off.

For almost two years, the couple saw each other once a week.

Apparently Charles paid her the sum of $10,000 a week which was about 10 times what she was making acting.

She is an Academy Award winner/nominee.

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Do you believe it?

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