I’m pretty sure everyone has come to the conclusion this surrogate was murdered.

I’m pretty sure everyone has come to the conclusion this surrogate was murdered.

It didn’t have to be that way.

Probably some differences in communication.

Another issue were there were several levels of communication so it was like playing a really bad game of telephone.

The biggest issue was probably that the people doing the killing were star struck.

Even though they never met or even spoke to the people at the top of the ladder, they knew who they were working for and wanted to be hired again.

It all started a few years ago. This A+ list couple wanted a baby, but the mom to be didn’t want to sacrifice her body or take any chances she would not get her body back to pre-pregnancy levels.

That being said, they did try and have a baby a few times.

Mom miscarried and also was just not that enthusiastic about carrying a baby.

They talked to some surrogates and services in the US.

After about a year, they finally found someone they thought would be suitable, but she miscarried after a couple of months.

After the miscarriage, our A+ listers had to shell out six figures because the surrogate was going to spill to the tabloids.

Giving up on the US, our A+ listers went abroad.

They heard about a surrogate factory.

Sounds about as horrible it was.

There were different levels of surrogates at this factory.

The surrogates who were the lowest paid or just breast milk providers lived in certain conditions.

Our A+ listers were put in touch with surrogates in the same company who were the best of the best.

They only carried babies once every three years, had an impeccable background and were the choice of royalty and the rich.

Discretion was not even an issue or so our A+ list couple thought.

They were never shown the more awful parts of the “home.”

Their meetings were at a hotel in the country and then again at a hotel in London.

Everything was agreed to and everything went according to plan.

A baby was born and mom and dad were thrilled.

They then remembered what had occurred with the woman to whom they previously paid six figures.

What would stop this professional surrogate from selling her story?

Although our A listers had paid her well, how much of the fee she received was unknown.

It is suspected her employer received most of it.

A tabloid story could make the surrogate wealthy.

So, our A+ listers sent word to make sure that the surrogate would not say anything and that everything was hush hush.

At some point, this communication turned into the surrogate has to die.

The secret needs to be kept.

It took awhile, but word filtered back to our A+ listers of the fate of the surrogate.

Probably why they have never had another child.

Jay Z

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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