I’m not going to that table! Their [products] are low class!

This actress with the famous family name was so nasty at a recent celebrity gifting suite that those who witnessed her behavior just can’t stop talking about her!

There is a definitive procedure at celebrity gifting suites.

Each sponsor has their own table or booth and pays thousands of dollars for the opportunity to be able to introduce their products to the attendees.

The celeb can’t just walk in, scoop up the merchandise, and leave. Each celebrity is assigned a guide who walks them through the event at a calm and steady pace, making sure that they at least pause at each table to give the sponsor a chance to show off the goods that they are promoting.

From beginning to end, the whole walk through takes less than an hour, and the celebrity typically walks away with literally thousands of dollars in free swag.

If a celebrity chooses not to accept a product (anything from a new cell phone to a scented candle to a necklace to a vacation certificate), that’s fine.

However, if they do accept the gift, they should have a brief conversation with the sponsor and smile and pose for a photograph with the product.

That’s the price they pay for the free swag. Most celebrities are polite and grateful. Not this one!

First of all, our actress loudly insisted that she didn’t want a guide.

She said this right in front of the guides who were lined up to help her.

“I can walk through myself! I don’t want any of them!”

She finally relented when event organizers insisted.

Then, while walking through the room, she was overheard yelling at her guide. “Why the hell are you walking so slow?

Have you been in an accident and can’t move fast?” She was also annoyed that the guide was trying to lead her through the exhibit.

“Just walk behind me and let me decide where to go! You should be invisible!”

The actress – who is soon going to be seen on a new TV show – was also overheard insulting the sponsors.

She didn’t do it to their faces, but she did say things about some sponsors loudly enough for other sponsors to hear.

“I’m not going to that table!

Their [products] are low class!”

And when she did accept products, she would roll her eyes and sigh to express her annoyance at having to pose with the sponsor and the product before finally taking a smiling picture.

She was so mean that her guide wound up in the bathroom crying and being comforted by a couple of the sponsors who had witnessed the actress’ bad behavior first hand.

Perhaps her older, more famous – and more gracious – family member/s could take some time out of their busy schedule to teach this actress some manners?

She certainly could use it!

Francesca Eastwood
The 22nd Annual Race to Erase MS Gala
Relatives: Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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