If she can pull this one off, I’ll know hell has frozen over.

It appears that this summer is going to be an epic breakup season for some reason.

I dunno, but the Celeb World seems to be cleaning house and ending all these relationships that were either fake, for show or just went south and they were holding on by their finger tips.

Jenn and I have been getting blinds out the wazoo this week and this is a blessing for us because we are so busy right now that our precious site has had to take a back seat. I have one rule with my blinds and that’s my refusal to write about upcoming interventions.

Calling out celebs with drug problems is fine because hopefully it might reach the right people and they will get them help.

But, if interventions are planned, I won’t go there.

I won’t even run the slight risk that they or a “friend” would see it and warn them.

Regardless of who they are and their chosen profession, they deserve to be clean and happy.

But what I do post are train wreck relationships and this blind today, I’ve written about this couple before.

I have no time to find it but trust me on this.

B List couple who live internationally.

Last year, the woman in this relationship cheated with an A+ Lister and thought she was going to jump into a serious relationship with him and dump her B Lister.

That wasn’t the case, she discovered him with another married A Lister.

Well this month her relationship finally bit the dust.

Her man had been doing ALL the family duties while she partied and cheated.

He didn’t know about the cheating part but was getting fed up with her absence.

Then this spring he overheard someone talking about his girl hooking up with a director.

He confronted her and of course she denied it.

He’s smitten with her so his friends knew better than to go there.

But one A+ List celebrity went there.

She got tired of seeing him look like a fool and when she was in town, searched him out and told him all she knows.

They aren’t close friends, but he is close to her ex-boyfriend.

She’s not one to beat around the bush and just genuinely wants to see him happy.

He took what she told him and did some digging, it only took one phone call to verify the info.

When his girlfriend came home, he wasn’t there and never went back.

She’s not too bent out of shape about it.

She’s got her sights set on this other A+ Lister she’s working with who’s marriage is rumored to be a wreck.

If she can pull this one off, I’ll know hell has frozen over.

B list couple: Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge
A+ list actor: Bradley Cooper
Director: David O. Russell
A+ list co-star whose marriage is in trouble: Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively

Source: http://www.wineandsass.com

Do you believe it?

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