I sure won’t be shedding any tears when he’s gone.

While many big celebrities in Hollywood are saddened that this industry type is nearing the end of his life, not everyone is in mourning.

We called him The Pool Man because he was one of those industry guys who threw pool parties for the “new boys” just beginning their acting careers.

Since he knew all the big players, you believed that he could help you.

He was really there just to help himself to the fresh meat.

A lot of the boys were underage.

There was enforced nudity if you were one of the younger guests at the party.

He was only interested in boys who were white and young (17 or 18).

He would keep them until they aged out (usually at 20 or 21).

Then he would replace them with someone younger.

Some of them thought they were lucky because one of his friends would cast them in some bit part or because he paid their college tuition for a semester.

Most of them just got used.

I sure won’t be shedding any tears when he’s gone.

Sandy Gallin

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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