I guess she just wanted some privacy.

Since I didn’t find any reveals for Reba and her divorce, I thought I would write a little Reba story that happened to me back in the day.

I am giving you Reba’s name and it did take place at one of her concerts but it involved her opening act.

It is hard to believe he used to be an opening act, but he was.

At one point shortly after this he probably became the biggest male country singer of all-time.

I mean he was everywhere and stayed that way for years.

When he was opening for Reba he was just starting to break out and had his first huge single. Back when this happened, I was doing what I usually did at concerts during that time period, I was hanging out by the free booze.

Hey, someone has to drink that stuff that people put on their riders.

It was sound check and our singer, who was married at the time and according to the interviews he gave, happily, was going through a few of his songs while three or four women hovered near him.

After he sang, he grabbed one of the women and took her to a little room off the side of the stage and didn’t even bother shutting the door.

Just had sex with her right there.

I remember that the only comment he made after was that he was upset his cowboy hat fell off because he didn’t like people to see he was balding.

Fast forward about two hours.

Our singer is scheduled to go on stage in about 20 minutes.

He had to be on time taking the stage because Reba had a schedule and if you altered it any way, you were going to get a talking to from her and Narvel.

And when I say talking to, I mean her yelling and ranting.

She was the Queen of country at the time.

You didn’t fuck with Reba.

Our singer though was enjoying the attention of the groupies that his crew had found for him.

It was a little backstage area and apparently one of them told him they would sleep with him.

He refused though because he already had changed into a heavily starched shirt and jeans which were glued on.

He did tell her she could perform oral on him though.

She agreed and started to head back towards the area where the tour buses were parked.

He said, “I don’t have time to go out there. It is right here or never.”

I remember her looking around at the ten or so people gathered and she just couldn’t do it.

She started crying and said no.

He called her a tease and looked at the other groupies gathered near him and asked if any would take his place.

None said yes. I was disgusted at the whole thing and walked away.

About five minutes before he was set to start his set I saw him behind the stage down at ground level.

He was leaning with his back against the stage and the woman who had been crying before was now down on her knees.

I guess she just wanted some privacy.

No sooner had they finished that he ran around to the side of the stage and up the stairs and started his set.

Garth Brooks

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Do you believe it?

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