I can’t serve you any more, Dear. You’ve had enough.

Half of this famous couple got thrown out of a London pub this weekend!

She is an actress who is best known for her role on a sitcom from 1980s.

Her first marriage was to a famous musician.

Her current husband is an actor who is best known for his muscular role on one of our favorite current cable TV series.

There are two bars in this particular pub.

He was at one bar with his friends.

She was at the other and seemed to be by herself.

She was drinking too much.

She ordered another drink.

The landlady told her, “You’ve had enough, Dear. I can’t serve you any more.”

[Actress] was annoyed and she slapped her hands down on the bar like she was anchoring herself.

Then she started arguing with the landlady.

The landlady stayed calm and just kept saying, “I can’t serve you any more, Dear. You’ve had enough.”

This went on for a few minutes, with [Actress] arguing louder and louder that she just wanted a drink.

When the landlady finally had enough, she had a couple of people escort [Actress] out of the pub!

The funny thing is that the bar was so busy and so noisy… that her husband didn’t even notice that his wife had just been ejected!

He was with a few buff-looking male friends, and they stayed at the pub laughing and drinking for another half hour.

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