Huge salaries for very little work are being paid. This is just going to come crashing down.

Another chapter of my irregular look into celebrity charities.

It was not that long ago that this charity seemed to be doing quite a bit of good.

Founded and run by a B+ list mostly television actor who keeps bringing home that weekly check for that long running almost network television show.

Donations were high and expenses were low.

Actual things were getting done with the promise of a lot more down the road.

Then, coinciding with a major life event, things have taken a dramatic turn.

Now, the charity seems like it is still doing good things, but if you take a look inside the numbers, it seems to be doing more for the friends of our actor’s significant other. She likes to look like a big shot.

While the amounts donated have doubled since she came around, the expenses have quadrupled.

Huge salaries for very little work are being paid.

Huge parties are being thrown so she can look good.

The parties end up costing almost as much as they raise.

Expenses they claim were spent on services were inflated to the point of lunacy.

They definitely paid for the services, but at six times the going rate for the services.

So, where did the excess funds go?

Tens upon tens of thousands of dollars.

Oh, and that monster purchase the charity triumphed?

Just a tiny down payment.

The rest has to be paid over time but they never stated that part.

This is just going to come crashing down.

The good work they could have done, gone up in smoke because of the need to be dramatic and get attention and publicity.

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed
ISF Animal Sanctuary Project


Do you believe it?

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