How do you hate donuts?

This B list mostly television actor on a hit cable show who had a franchise movie come out recently and got into a lot of trouble for an interview, is cheating on his girlfriend with the former tweener turned pop star who only likes to be photographed from one side and hates donuts.

How do you hate donuts?

Dylan O’ Brien
  Teen Wolf, Maze Runner
Tweener: Ariana Grande


Dylan O’Brien was in the midst of his daytime talk show shtick on “Kelly and Michael” last month, and things were going pretty well. It was time for the key moment: A little behind-the-scenes story about the movie the 24-year-old actor was there to promote, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.”

Co-host Michael Strahan made it easy, asking O’Brien to tell his fans why so many cast members suddenly became ill during filming.

They were working in the mountains of Albuquerque, on an ancient Native American burial ground that was rarely used as the scene of Hollywood films, O’Brien said.

“They said basically, ‘Don’t take anything and respect the grounds,’ ” O’Brien said. “They were very strict about littering — and don’t take any artifacts, rocks, skulls anything like that.”

Deadpan, he added: “And everyone just takes stuff, obviously.”

LOL. Chuckles. Funny, right?

The theft was blamed for a spate of mysterious illnesses among cast members: Fevers, appendix problems, a broken ankle. It’s a story that “Maze Runner” director Wes Ball and other cast members have told before.

Source: Washington Post

Do you believe it?

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