His secret? He loves male tail!

Before this Hollywood hotshot shoots off his mouth about his former colleagues, he should be aware that they have some very damaging dirt on him.

He has a wife and kids and is very, very rich.

He comes across as a family man who really cares about providing family-friendly entertainment to the masses.

His secret?

He loves male tail!

He picks them up online. In his ad, he pretends that he is visiting L.A. for a couple of days.

He can’t use his own photo (because he is instantly recognizable), so he uses photos of American men whom he considers macho to seal the deal.

Some of the men are pretty shocked when he shows up.

It’s not just because he looks nothing like the photos in his ad.

It’s because they recognize him immediately.

He has been famous for many years, and everyone in town knows him.

He seems to be a bit paranoid about these encounters.

If he suspects that the men won’t keep quiet as a mouse after meeting with him, he sends his thuggish rep to threaten them.

What a lovely, family-friendly guy.

Michael Eisner

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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