His real friends asked her to stop talking about him.

She’s at it again.

Despite being asked to stop, she won’t shut up about her “ex”!

Most celebrities in fake relationships have the good sense to simply stop talking about the fake relationship after a while, as they or the other person will have usually moved on to other relationships, and talking about the old one would simply be tacky and awkward.

Not this actress!

She and her “ex” were on an upbeat television show together for a few years.

They were a couple on the show and a fake couple off the show.

And, despite being asked, she won’t shut up about it!

His real friends asked her to stop talking about him.

That know the relationship was fake and it annoys the sh*t out of them that years later she is still pretending that it was real to bring attention to herself and to make money.

They told her that if she doesn’t stop using him, they are going to expose the fake relationship.

There is a problem with their threat, though:

She knows that they won’t follow through!

She knows that if they made some some sort of statement about how the couple was set up as boyfriend/girlfriend as a publicity stunt to compliment their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship on the show, it would backfire.

Everybody would know that HE was a fake and a liar, too!

Since telling the truth would actually make him look bad, it’s doubtful that his friends will follow through on their threat.

It looks like she’s in the clear.

She is going to continue to use him to bring attention to herself and sell her products.


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