She says that her most high profile ex who has treated her like crap
June 11, 2016
The reason she stopped working in movies was not retirement
June 11, 2016

He’s keeping his hands clean on this one.

This female singer is free to record again, but who’s going to work with her?

Her old boss is so powerful that it could be difficult to find a new home… not to mention the fact that her old boss may be trying to sabotage her!

It’s not [Old Boss] himself making the calls or sending the emails.

He’s keeping his hands clean on this one.

It’s his underlings who are hinting to other labels that if they sign her, his artists will snub their artists.

No more collaborations, no more tour openers, etc.

Like, “Hey, we were thinking about having [your artist] do a feature vocal on one of the songs on [our artist’s] new album, but if you sign [Singer] maybe we’ll keep looking around.”

Not really a threat, but the message is clear.

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