Her friends all warned her about his temper.

This film actor has never been a happy person.

When he got together with this actress, though, they both thought that being a couple changed that for him.

Not everyone was convinced that being in love was the cure for his unhappiness.

Her friends all warned her about his temper.

She was dismissive about it, saying that those sorts of episodes were in his past, and that he would never hurt her, etc. However, even if she didn’t acknowledge it, that concern must have been in the back of her mind when she took steps to protect her child/ren from him.

Sure enough, he could not suppress his anger.

In the past few months, old flashes of his personality started showing… and she got very nervous.

He became more controlling, more jealous, more easily agitated.

There were quick bursts of rage when someone annoyed him or betrayed him or when a business deal didn’t work out.

If she was in the room, he took it out on her.

He always apologized for these outbursts and told her that it would not happen again.

She assured him that she forgave him and believed him… but she didn’t mean it anymore.

She had finally realized that he was incapable of keeping his promises.

She broke it off with him a few weeks ago.

She is both upset and relieved that the relationship is over.

Her friends are just relieved that she and the child/ren are safe.

Sean Penn
Charlize Theron

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