Her benefactor is actually a famous American actor.

This young woman started out as a model but is now branching out into other ventures. She will soon be starting her own fashion line.

That takes millions and millions of dollars. Our girl has more Instagram followers than she does dollars, so the money had to come from somewhere. After being pressed numerous times on the source of her funding, she claimed that it’s an anonymous British investor who wishes to remain private.

Insiders tell us that this simply isn’t true.

Investors in the fashion industry LOVE to talk about who is backing who.

They also say that the real investor in her company is not some mysterious British investor.

And it’s not her famous Actor Boyfriend.

Her benefactor is actually a famous American actor.

She can’t announce that, though, because it would raise all sorts of questions about why some older, married actor is investing in a woman with whom he supposedly has no connection and in an industry and business about which he knows absolutely nothing.

No, it’s not Cara Delevingne

Alexa Chung
Alexander Skarsgard

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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