Her act – like he is her greatest confidante is really stunning

Now that her marriage is falling apart, who does this very famous and pretty actress call for emotional support?

A sibling? Maybe.

After years of mocking them and abusing them, there might only be one left to lend a sympathetic ear.

A female friend?

There are lots of groups of female friends in Hollywood.

However, she doesn’t belong to any of them.

A female colleague?

She’s been in dozens of films. Surely there is another actress who would value a friendship with her!


Anyone who has worked with her knows that she desperately needs to be the center of attention all the time.

That “me me me” attitude doesn’t leave room for anyone else.

A male friend?

There are actually one or two men with whom she has worked that might lend an ear (including this very famous over-50 film actor).

However, they are now married, and their wives know all about her predatory ways.

That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in them that our actress is only interested in friendship.

An Ex?

Bingo! That’s who she is now calling to receive emotional support.

This is NOT a good thing!

Her Ex – who is also a famous actor – practically unraveled after she toyed with him and then cheated on him years ago.

He pined after her for YEARS after they broke up.

For her to now swoop back in after all these years and act like he is her greatest confidante is really stunning.

Actress: Julia Roberts
  Ex: Kiefer Sutherland
Now married male actor friend: George Clooney

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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