He will make sure they marry well and that his income will increase

This actor was probably A- at his peak.

If you go by his current body of work he is probably a C lister.

The thing is though he has A list name recognition and probably always will.

No big awards.

No high profile roles.

That A- listing was just out of sheer volume rather than anything special. That name recognition though is not going anywhere.

He has pretty much given up hope that he will ever resurrect his career to the point it was, but he is a crafty guy and his offspring have been fortunate enough to not inherit his looks.

His offspring don’t do much of anything but somehow make more money each year then he ever did as an actor.

At first he used his name to get them into the right spots and make the right connections and in return for his efforts he gets compensated by them.

They do very well for themselves and between the gifts they receive and cash and swag and then sell, he makes a very nice living.

So nice in fact that he works even less than he did to the point where he is at one project a year.

Maybe two at the very most.

He will make sure they marry well and that his income will increase, but in the meantime he is perfectly happy watching them travel the world getting paid for being arm candy and whatever else they do to make a couple of million bucks a year in cash and gifts.

Stephen Baldwin
Daughters: Alaia and Hailey

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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